Scarlet lily beetleThe scarlet lily beetle, red lily beetle or lily leaf beetle is a beetle from the leaf beetle family (Chrysomelidae). The scientific name for this beetle is Lilioceris lilii. This beetle and its larvae live on various species of lilies (hence its name) but also on the crown imperial (Fritillaria imperialis) and other members of the Liliaceae family. In my garden the lily beetles even seem to prefer the crown imperial.

Concrete stairsI think that just concrete is pretty boring. You can brighten up concrete by painting it but also by gluing patterned tiles on it. There is an option for everybody. I have glued patterned tiles on a concrete bench and on concrete stairs.

Stone wallIf you live in an environment with mountains and slopes or there are other reasons for level changes in the garden there are different ways to deal with this.

Snow dec 2010Hardiness of plants depends on many factors. Next temperature moist and wind are very important factors that determine if plants will survive the winter or not.

Peacock butterflyIt is always nice to see butterflies fly around in your garden. By planting the correct plants you can lure the butterflies to your garden. Don’t forget that there are no butterflies without caterpillars. That means that you have to accept that some plants or part of it will be eaten to maintain butterflies. That can also mean that you plant less good looking plants in your garden as food for the caterpillars. In this article I will give information about butterflies and caterpillars.

Paint scraper
Of course everyone wants to get rid of the weeds that grow on and in between the pavers of your pathway or patio. That is relatively easy to do and also environmentally friendly.