The Hosta 'Gold Standard' is a large Hosta and grows fast. It is a sport from Hosta ‘Fortunei Hyacinthina’. This perennial spreads gradually.

The leaves are green with a darker green on the outer rim in spring. Gradually the leaves turn to yellow with a dark green outer rim. In autumn the leaves turn completely yellow and die. If the Hosta 'Gold Standard' gets too much sun the leaves may burn. If you place the Hosta in part shade then choose a spot with morning sun not afternoon sun. The Hosta 'Gold Standard' on these photographs is positioned completely in the shade. Many times you can read that the leave may not turn yellow in the full shade, but I am satisfied with my result. Judge for yourself.

The stems of the lilac coloured, non-fragrant flowers do not have leaves and reach a height of approximately 3 ft 3 inches (1 metre).

The Hosta 'Gold Standard' is very tolerant to salt and hardy.



Characteristic: newly emerging every year

Exposure: part shade/ shade

Foliage colour: green/yellow

Flower colour: lilac

Flowering time: July - August

Hardiness: -40 ºC/ -40 ºF

Height: 22 inches/ 55 cm

Soil: normal/ moist