The Muscari botryoides 'Album' is native to the Mediterranean and is commonly named pearls of Spain or white grape hyacinth. The white grape hyacinth is a genus from the Asparagaceae family.

The word muscari comes from the Greek word moschos or the Latin word moschus which means musk and refers to the musky scent of the flower that some species have. Botryoides is Latin and means like a cluster of grapes.

This perennial is a bulbous plant that gradually spreads with daughter bulbs if planted in a the right spot. The Muscari botryoides 'Album' is suitable as cut flower grows in rock gardens.

After bloom in spring the leaves will disappear to emerge again next spring. Do not cut away the leaves after bloom until they turn yellow. The white grape hyacinth needs those to collect enough energy into the bulb for blooming next year. In August the new leaves emerge and stay evergreen during winter.



Characteristic: newly emerging every year

Exposure: sun/part shade

Foliage colour: green

Flower colour: white

Flowering time: April - May

Hardiness: -20 ºC (-4 ºF)

Height: 6 inches (15 cm)

Soil: normal/moist