Patterns in the patioNew pavers are introduced every time. More and more pavers with patterns and colors are available nowadays to brighten up your patio.

Just like in interior design there are developments in garden designs. Before people used more bricks and smaller pavers. Nowadays bigger pavers are used. We all have little time or we do not want to put much time in gardening. We certainly do not want to spend much time with annoying chores like removing weeds. I have written an article about removing and avoiding weeds. In this article I want to share an idea about using patterns and colors in your patio.

In interior design and also in gardens it was popular to work with many shades of grey. I am very happy that more and more colors are being used again. Especially the pavers with patterns are getting a growing amount of attention and there is a growing amount of choice in those pavers that can endure frost.

I have also used pavers with patterns in my patio. I have changed my patio because before I had small pavers of 6 by 6 inches (14 by 14 centimeters) with big joints and therefore lots of room for weeds to grow.

As I enjoy working with colors I like to also use colors in my patio. If you are going to lay a new patio it may be a nice idea to look at the possibilities with pavers with patterns.

Old patio in 2004 At first there was this. All small pavers and big joints. As you can see weeds are already growing.

Patio with weeds This is what the patio looked like most of the time. Of course it does not help that so many leaves fall unto the pavers. That gives moss a nice moist and fertile place to grow.

Everything outHere all the pavers are gone and about 12 inches (30 cm) of ground has been removed to be able to sit closer to the water.

New patio 2018This is the end result. These pavers are 24 by 24 inches (60 by 60 centimeters).

Alongside of the patio you see U-shaped elements. In the summer you can for example put pillows on them and sit comfortably. I have brightened up those as well as the stairs with tiles with patterns. You can see the result in my article Patterned tiles in the garden.