Concrete stairsI think that just concrete is pretty boring. You can brighten up concrete by painting it but also by gluing patterned tiles on it. There is an option for everybody. I have glued patterned tiles on a concrete bench and on concrete stairs.

If you use glue and grout that is frost resistant you can very well use these tiles for outside. When they are applied you have to clean them with grout stain remover, then treat them with a sealant to prevent as much staining as possible and finally with a color intensifier to maintain as much of the color as possible. Usually you receive instructions for the treatment from the supplier. The treatment is the same as when you use these tiles indoors.

Concrete benchOutdoors leaves and other dirt will of course fall on the tiles. It would be a shame if you don’t remove that dirt because then you won’t see these beautiful tiles as well as you should. With concrete it doesn’t matter much because there isn’t much to see. With patterned tiles you want to see as much as possible of the tiles. I don’t only wipe off the dirt with a broom I also use a mop and just water to keep the tiles clean. That way they will stay pretty.

If you spend money on patterned tiles then I expect you’ll want to keep them pretty. I certainly do and that is why I don’t mind mopping my tiles regularly. Of course it isn’t necessary to do this but then the beauty is gone soon beneath all the dirt.