The majority of the plants on this website are perennials. In the dropdown menu you can find a subdivision to make it easier to find plants. Below you will find all the plants together. Because the terms perennials and rhizomes are used regularly in the descriptions I will explain the meaning I use. If there is anything unclear please let me know.


I use the word perennial for the herbaceous perennials on this website. An herbaceous perennial is a plant that lives for more than two years and has soft, green stems (not woody). Most perennials die back to the ground every winter in colder climates to newly emerge in spring, but there are also evergreen perennials. So when I use the word perennial I mean herbaceous perennial. A plant can behave as a perennial or an annual depending on the local climate and geographic growing conditions.


Rhizomes are stems that grow sideways, most often in the ground, instead of up. Rhizomes branch out and each new portion develops roots and a shoot of its own. Examples of plants that spread with rhizomes are iris, lily-of-the-valley and ginger.

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